Our History

Welcome to the Alberta-First Party.  We are a hard-working and dedicated team of decent working-class Albertans, firmly committed to the health of our parents, and to the success of our children.  We are blessed with an over-abundance of natural resources, and we don’t need the rest of Canada to survive.  Yet it remains an undisputed fact that our lives and our economy are under constant attack by heartless and corrupt politicians in Ottawa, who give us no respect.

Since 1905, greed and envy has motivated the Federal Government of Canada to cheat Albertans out of our jobs, our natural resources, and the well-being of our families.  They stop at nothing to keep us down, and they do this  in order to maintain their power and prestige.  We have had enough, and we are going to use our toughness & grit to put a permanent stop to it.  

The Alberta-First Party honours the proud legacy of Ralph Klein, while continuing in the unified spirit of Wexit Alberta. Our loyalty is to our friends and neighbours right here at home.  Unlike the Conservative Party of Canada, we don’t compromise your best interests to appease liberal voters in Ontario & Quebec.  

Now it’s time to make Alberta’s Final Offer to Ottawa:  One that they can accept to keep Canada together; or one that they can reject and watch Canada fall apart.


The Alberta-First Party is the Official Federal Party for ALL Albertans seeking:

  • A Fair Deal with Ottawa
  • Independence from Canada, or
  • A Closer Relationship with the United States of America. 

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